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What Is Business Insurance?


Commercial insurance protects your company from a variety of risks. Because needs vary by industry, size, location, and several other factors, there are many different policy types and coverage options. 

We’ll help you decide on the right coverage, then find you the best price.


Business Insurance Coverage Options


Commercial Auto

Covers your business vehicles and employees when they’re driving for work.

General Liability

Covers damage or injury to another party resulting from a variety of things, like slips, product malfunctions, and more.

Commercial Property

Covers damage to your building, signage, office furniture, and other commercial property.

Worker’s Compensation

Covers medical costs and lost wages for employees that are hurt or made sick in the course of their work.

Commercial Umbrella

Covers liability exposures above and beyond underlying policy limits.


Bonds pay someone a set amount if you fail to meet an obligation. They are often required as part of a contract.

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