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What Is Homeowners Insurance?


Home insurance combines coverage for your house and property with liability protection that covers you and your family in case you’re sued for damages or injury to another party. Homeowners insurance isn’t required by law but you’ll likely need it if you have a loan on your home.

There are a variety of optional coverages that can be included on your insurance policy. What you need will depend on characteristics unique to your situation. We’ll help you decide on the right coverage, then find you the best price.


Home Insurance Coverage Options


Personal Liability

Covers bodily injury or property damage to another party for which you are at fault.

Dwelling Coverage

Covers damage to your home and attached structures, like a deck or attached garage.

Other Structures

Covers damage to other structures on your property that are not attached to your home, like a detached garage.

Personal Property

Covers damage or theft to your personal property, like appliances, furniture, clothes, and electronics.

Loss of Use

Covers the cost of alternative living arrangements if your home is unusable due to a covered loss.

Jewelry & Valuable Property

Covers damage or theft to special classes of high-value property that has a coverage limit on standard home insurance.

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