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What Is RV Insurance?


RV insurance mixes elements of auto insurance with elements of home insurance. A self-powered recreational vehicle, like a motorhome, will require auto liability coverage to legally drive on roads. Travel trailers do not require auto liability coverage because the coverage on the vehicle pulling the trailer extends to provide coverage for the trailer.

In addition to liability, your policy can provide coverage for physical damage to your vehicle, roadside assistance, vacation liability and much more. We’ll help you decide on the right coverage, then find you the best price.


RV Insurance Coverage Options


Auto Liability

Covers damage and injuries that you cause to another party on the road with your recreational vehicle.


Covers physical damage to your vehicle caused by a collision with another vehicle or object.


Covers physical damage to your vehicle caused by something other than a collision.

Uninsured/Underinsured Liability

Covers bodily injury to you caused by an underinsured driver.

Roadside Assistance

Covers towing, jump starts, and other assistance when your RV is disabled near the road.

Vacation Liability

Covers bodily injury to guests at your campsite.

Personal Effects

Covers damage to or theft of your personal property within the vehicle.

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