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Oak Tree Insurance breaks down the coverage you need and compares quotes from over 15 top life insurance companies. We’re an independent insurance agency in Prior Lake, MN offering coverage throughout the state of MN. Welcome to a better insurance experience. Contact us or request quotes to get started.


What Is Life Insurance?


Life insurance provides financial protection to your loved ones if you can’t be around to care for them. It can be used to pay off debt, fund education, replace earnings, or leave a legacy.

We’ll help you decide on the right coverage, then find you the best price.


Life Insurance Policy Options


Term Life

Covers you for a specified length of time, like 10, 20, or 30 years.

Universal Life

Flexible policy that can accumulate cash value, last indefinitely, or last for a specified term, depending on how it’s structured.

Whole Life

Permanent policy that accumulates cash value with an interest rate.

Return of Premium Term Life

Term life policy that returns all premiums paid if the policy is not exercised before it expires.

Instant Issue Term Life

Term life that can be issued with no medical examination.


Pays out if you become disabled or sick and can no longer work.

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